Valentine’s Day Fight


My girlfriend only fights with me when we travel. It’s moody, sulking and frowning all throughout but she’s a perfect peach when we return. Because of this, we haven’t traveled for over 2 years.

Not that she’s not interested but I’m the one who always finds excuses for us not to go. We’ve had a couple of issues where I went on short trips with family without including her but I was able to use family as an excuse for her not to join. I’ve had to avoid trips with friends (some I really really wanted to go).

Fast forward to last Saturday, she showed me details of a company based trip and wants me to come along. Some 3 of her colleagues are her only friends and attending with their boyfriends so she wants me to go along. The last time we went out with any of my friends or her friends, she got angry even when my face was facing another woman. If I received a call she’d get angry that I was supposed to off it since it’s a trip.

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She would get angry if I spoke to any female even if it was a waitress or anyone for that matter and could spend the rest of the trip not talking to anyone. She’d make the trip uncomfortable for me and for anyone we went with. I’ve spoken to her so many times which fell on deaf ears. I told her I can’t go and she’s thinking of going with her bestie.

This bestie loves her but she keeps saying it’s not true because they’ve been friends for 17 years. When they go on the trip, at least she won’t be angry like she’ll be if I’m there but she’s insisting I go with her. I’m in a dilemma and don’t know what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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