I’m Torn Between My Two Blessers


please let your fans help me. I met a guy in March 2016. He proposed and I accepted. That year September, I gained admission into a training institution. Life in school was very difficult since no family member cared about how I was managing in there. I met a man who had returned from the US in November and we started dating. Both guys became my blessers and really helped me with my education.

Whiles in school, the first guy and his parents decided to do Knocking but I told them I wanted to complete school. They wanted to do it a second time but I told them the same thing so they stopped.

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I have been dating both of them for 4 years. I spend time with the man (US) anytime he’s in Ghana but I play my cards right. They are both unaware and trust me. I completed in 2018. Unfortunately, my first guy lost his job. The job he got too isn’t paying him well so anytime the US man sends my monthly allowance I give him something. I’ve told him it’s my uncle who sends me money anytime I need some.

I got pregnant for the first guy but had to quickly remove it because my US borga was coming in 3 months time. Then in November 2019, my borga came to Ghana and insisted to greet my mum. I took him home and they asked him severally if he’s married or has kids but he kept saying no. This didn’t convince me considering his age (note: I don’t know any of his family members and the first guy hasn’t met my parents before)

Auntie Abena, I really love the first guy but I’m scared to tell the man that we should break up because of the things he has done for me no. I can’t pay back and know he can demand for them back. He will be coming in 3 weeks time but I’m scared he will do something bad to me if I tell him I’m not interested again. I’m really torn between my two blessers. What do I do?

Written by Abena Magis

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