This Has Gone On For Too Long.


Aunty Abena my mother always told me not to marry a poor man because she didn’t want me to suffer the way she suffered. Not that my dad was poor but he had 2 wives and mom being the first wife didn’t get most of his money. He spent all his money and his time on the second wife and my two half sisters.

Fast forward, I started dating in the University but she always warned me about the guy and refused to accept him. This guy was a student like I was but whatever he had he shared equally with me. Mom convinced me to leave him because of the son of one of her friends.

The pressure was too much from her that I agreed to marry this guy. His mother also liked me and always told me she wanted me as a daughter-in law. But aunty, I don’t love him. I despise him. Nothing he does satisfies me. I don’t want him to touch me or even talk to me but I’m forced to because of my mom.

Through the money he gives me, we’ve built a 3 bedroom and now working on 6 chamber and halls which we’ll rent out for people. He bought a car for me but mom made me lie to him that it was snatched by some thieves. I told him I’d reported it but I didn’t. He bought me the new one that I’m using now. We used the money from the other car to finish the 3 bedroom house.

Anytime I get pregnant, she’ll give me medicine to remove it. He thinks I’ve miscarried 2 times but I’ve aborted 7 times. I only told him about the first 2. I want a divorce because we’ve used him enough but mom wants me to push my friends to him.

He’s not happy with me and she thinks if he gets closer to any of my friends, I can use that to demand a big compensation before the divorce.

I feel bad about it because we’ve got what we want. She keeps saying if he falls for my friend, then his mother won’t feel betrayed. Telling him is not an option but the pressure from her is too much
What is your advice please?

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