They’re Both Men of God


I’m really dying slowly each and every day and I want you and your fans to help out. I met this man of God on Facebook. We became friends for 3 months then he proposed to me and I accepted.

A month passed before he told me there’s another lady friend he has been studying, he has not proposed to her yet and since he saw me he thinks I’m good for him. I told him I can’t be the reason for him break up with the lady but he said he is not dating her so I said ok. He later asked me to send my naked pics to him without my face showing which I refused, he got angry saying I’m not submissive and obedient. In order to not to disrespect a man of God I did as he said.

I’m not in Ghana and my brother was thrown out of the house by my stepmother and was on the street for almost 3 years. God being so good I finally got him through Facebook and when I told this my boyfriend about it, he offered to take my brother in to stay with him. I refused initially but he got angry and didn’t talk to me for days until I apologized to him and allowed him to take my brother in.

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Now the problem is, the lady he said he’s got nothing to do with stays in the same compound with him and according to my brother, my boyfriend has been visiting her in her room.

NB: He doesn’t want our relationship to be public all in the name of he is a man of God and that it’s not acceptable for him to be seen with his girlfriend on social media. He once tagged her on Facebook and I complained to him but he didn’t give any tangible reason for doing that. All he said was that he can’t hate her and just because he tagged her doesn’t mean he wants her.

A friend of his who’s a prophet, sent me a request and asked me to join his prayer group. I informed my boyfriend and he said I shouldn’t join the prophet’s prayer group. I said ok but the prophet kept on disturbing me and I had no choice but to give my number to him to add me to the group.

Not knowing my so called man of God boyfriend was also in the group. He never questioned me until one day this prophet too asked me out that he wants to marry me. He sent that in a message before he called to pray for me and said a whole lot of things God had revealed to him about me which I confirmed were all true.

I told my so called man of God boyfriend about it and he got angry that I have disobeyed him by joining the group. I apologized to him and made him understand that I’m not going to accept his friend’s proposal and also let him know that I’m going out with him.

To my surprise, my boyfriend told me that I shouldn’t add him to my issues. The prophet had been using my tiktok videos on his Whatsapp status so told him that he should intentionally ask his friend about me. My boyfriend one day watched the videos and asked him where he got the videos from and he told him from my page. Could you believe that this man of God boyfriend of mine denied ever knowing me? Not my name or even talked to me before.

I have told this prophet I’m not interested in any relationship with him but he won’t let me be. He’s always talking about the vision he is having about me always that I will be his wife. We were praying and he was able to mention my daughter’s name and I had no choice than to confirm that I’m a single mom. I feel like telling him that his friend has seen my nakedness and for that matter we can’t be together because it’ll be a shame for me.

I have been crying ???? and asking God to forgive me every day. Please you and your fans should help me. I don’t know what to do please ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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