There Was A Secret They Didn’t Want Us To Know. (Part 2)


My biological father’s tribe and my mother’s tribe used to have conflicts so my grandma disapproved their relationship. They planned me but, the old woman, my grandma still disapproved.

Along the line, my Muslim dad introduced himself as a suitor after my mom while still pregnant with me. He was told about the pregnancy & knew but still wanted my mom. He was my mother’s ex boyfriend bi on a foreign land then, so he came to marry my mom off as a fresh “borga”

Mother was threatened by grams to be disowned if she failed to marry the borga so las las, the 2 became a thing. Both men named me. “RUTH” by my biological father and “RASHIDA” by my dad the borga.

According to my aunt, my Muslim dad promised my mother to hide this secret from his family & also society because he cannot impregnate a woman. Also, he’ll kill my mother and kill me if my mom failed to comply to his terms. He likes violence small. So till today, his family knows nothing about me not been theirs.

He became bedridden for a time along the line, I was the only one with him while on his sick bed. I stopped my schooling to look after him. On the day of his demise, he promised to be a good father if he could make it because he never thought I could be of help like this.

He pleaded & I accepted. He also told me that day not to go to my mother’s family if he dies that fateful day because they have something they would say to me. He never knew that, the cat was already let out of the bag dada. He handed me to his elder sister to look after me ???

Later that day, around 4-5 p.m. that way, he died. We (me & kid sister) stayed with his sister, until one day, I chanced upon my aunt’s son wanting to have his way with my little sister which brought back my personal secret of being raped on 2 occasions by an uncle.

I was shamed countless times on the rape issue. So I left this family to my mother’s family. My sister got raped by those people too. And later, to my biological father ( me & my sister)

I still bear their name, the Muslim name. That’s what is on my voters Id… This whole story is under the carpet. They don’t know so they see us as theirs. They think we are now staying with our maternal family. Hmmm

My only concern is where to go if someone wants to marry me or my sister. I feel broken enough to even entertain any drama that might pop up from the mess these people created before I knew black from white.

In all things, I thank God for everything & the strengthening I have had so far.

RIP to all gone souls ?

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There Was A Secret They Didn’t Want Us To Know.

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