The Woes of An Effeminate Guy


Good morning.
I’m a young boy in my late teens and I’m in a dilemma now. I am effeminate (a boy who has the traits of a girl) and due to that, lots of people automatically label me as gay. I have tried lots of times to fight against all these desires/approaches.

Well, I have had advances from men and I turn them down but they keep telling me I am in denial of my sexuality and the earlier I accept it, the better it’ll be for me. The wet dreams I have are always with men, which is making me more confused. I have prayed about it several times and even faced my fears by consulting some elders, but nothing’s really getting better.

My female friends are always telling me the best they can take me in a relationship is being a best friend. I have resisted and stayed focused due to my beliefs. My worry now is on how long I would be able to endure this agony. I need advice from fellow Mano Fans on this.

Please notify me when it’s posted. I will be reading the comments.

Written by Abena Magis

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