THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: The Night Before. (Part 2)

There and then it’s like everything cleared from our eyes.(hubby and I) The police checked what was hit. It was a dog or something, it was huge. Then they shone their flashlights in the car. Herh, everything in me run away. My husband stepped out of the car and tried speaking to the officers. They could smell the alcohol on his breath and sighted the flask. I don’t know why I panicked. I tried hiding it and they asked to see what it was.

Trouble don come. Under the driver’s seat, there was this bag, one officer pulled it up and it contained more of the white stuff. Ei. There and then, they were booking my husband. Their exchange of words became a bit intense and his friends had to rush in. It seemed to annoy these officers the more. Herh, the whole atmosphere changed. They made calls to bring in one of their vehicles to transport all of us. By now, it was almost 3:00am.

I got hysterical, crying that we had ruined my life. My wedding was going to be ruined. It was then that I saw all the missed calls from my mother. Ow. Why hadn’t I seen it or heard it to pick? Anka by now I would have been having some sweet beauty sleep.

The guys offered these officers money. No show, my husband was in deep. He was sweating profusely and was on his knees begging. He pleaded with the officers to let we the ladies go and deal with the guys. They said he had worsened the case. By now, I had cried all the tears in my body. All that was left was just sobs, the kind that you have when you know your energy is finished.

Time was going and the atmosphere was giving way to dawn. One officer was on call again about the vehicle. Hm, my whole body was on fire. Ei, so all my life, I didn’t get any day to be caught than on my wedding day. Wedding day that I had planned and over planned to the point of knowing what we were going to be doing every minute no?

Finally, the guys put their heads together, paid the officers a hefty some and proceeded to leave. That was even after they had made some “calls”. When my husband came to sit in the car, we were all silent. Even my sobbing vanished. My other friend who had been with us even stopped throwing up and feeling sick. She was so alert. That was the moment I knew that our system can work paa, when they want it to work.

My friend’s voice broke through the silence. “Guys please let’s pray” I nearly laughed. I would have laughed on any other day but today, we needed all the prayers we could get. Just as we drove off, we saw two police vehicles coming in at top speed. My heart beat doubled when it passed us. When we got home, we were so tired but we had to face our parents. My mother was worried something had happened when she was calling and I wasn’t picking.

My father really gave it to me. Then he gave the rest to my husband. We were drained physically and emotionally even before our big day started. All the sweetness and happiness for our wedding had been sucked out from us. We couldn’t get enough sleep, we turned up laaaate for our wedding and well, it was a miracle that we pulled through the reception.

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