THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: The Food Wasn’t Enough.

I was seated on a kitchen stool on the veranda with my mum. We were making a guest list and she kept asking me to add more people. From all the societies she had joined in church to our area and work. I was annoyed with all the names I kept adding, I didn’t believe all these people would show up. Then I had to add the groups that my soon to be MIL also joined. This was too much, I had to add my dad’s tall list of friends and some people I had not even met before.

My mother also sat in front of me, insisting I add all these names, to me they were ghost names so I didn’t want to add up. Just as I was about to protest, my fiancé entered from outside. He greeted my mother and ruffled my hair slightly as my mother asked me more questions.

“Herh, have you added Richmond’s mother’s Christian Mothers group to the list?”

I answered, “yes” as I wrote more names. Then she questioned me again, “What about my ladies wing members from church?” I looked up and frowned slightly. I had added about five groups my mother belonged to already. Then she said wearily,

“Maabena, wedding deɛ, wontumi nyɛ saa oh. Nnipa bɛba ohh”

I looked sideways as she gave my fiancé and I a lecture about food and drinks served at weddings and how delicate that matter was. My mother started complaining to him about my stubbornness concerning some decisions she wanted us to take. The main being about food. Richmond looked at me and smiled. Obviously trying not to start a war by taking sides, but I wanted him to help her understand my point of view.

Then she made an embarrassing statement, “Richmond, aden mo sika no nso anaa? ɛneɛ monka na yɛnsɔ mo so errrh?” My fiancé was so embarrassed as he turned to look at me. Yes, we had run into a small hitch with money but that wasn’t why I was adamant about all she was saying. I felt all these people wouldn’t come and we needn’t waste so much money.

We carried on feverishly with the preparations and our big day finally came. It was all happiness and grateful feelings. Our traditional wedding went on without as much as a scratch. Everything was in place and we had a successful ceremony. I was dying to go and have that “I told you so” talk with my mother but I refrained. Most of the people she asked us to add to the guest list didn’t show up.

This was a good sign to me. In my head, it showed that I had been right, we didn’t need to pour in all that money. On the day of the white wedding, we were having a good time until the reception took place. I was seated at the high table when someone came to whisper something to me. Then a few minutes later, it was my husband who was whisked away.

Apparently, more people had turned up and the food and drinks were running out. Herh, come and see me beginning to shake. I couldn’t taste the rest of my food, little dots of perspiration laced my forehead as I searched for my mother in the crowd. I saw her on her phone, walking to towards the direction of the caterer. I immediately got down and told my husband I was coming. When my mother saw me, she launched into her “I told you so” speech.

All I could think of was how people would remember how we starved them at my wedding. My mother looked at me a second time and kept quiet. I was looking worried and sad now. In the end, my mother had been right and I had been wrong. I guess. We tried to salvage the situation but it wasn’t totally possible so we did the next best thing. We asked around for a bar and bought more drinks.

Some work colleagues and close friends were not sorted so we saw to them after the honeymoon. It was such an embarrassing time but at least, the drinks did something to help. Now, whenever we have a family function or we want to do something, I am the one advising people in the family to add some extra food to the budget.

Written by East@Edito468

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