The Passion is Dead

Good morning and I hope you and your family are doing great. Please I have an issue that I would like you to post for me.
My woman and I have been together for years now. We don’t fight, quarrel or do any adverse things in our relationship. We love and adore each other. However, for some 2 to 3 years now, to be very honest that attraction I have for her has vanished. We mainly sleep naked cuddled together but the urge to make love to her is not there.
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When it first started, I thought it’s because if stress, my busy schedules or something. I was sure it would normalize over time but it didn’t. It’s been persistent. I can say that over the last 2 to 3 years there has been about only 8 moments that I have had the urge to have touch her. Out of those 8 times, 6 of them were after I traveled and was away for quite a while. Upon my return we did something. Not withstanding that, we do make love but it’s not because I feel horny but rather because I don’t want to lose the urge to do it completely.
Sometimes if we haven’t made out for about a week, it could continue saa because the urge isn’t in me. She realized I had lost interest in touching her so she tried putting in extra efforts. At times, she will try to give me a bj but it wouldn’t erect. This made her gradually pull back on her extra effort.
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Now I’m in my early 30’s. I’m not that old but I just don’t know why. She is beautiful, she still dresses very well. She attracts me from a distance but not when we are together no matter how hard she tries. Sometimes deep inside me I feel like doing something amorous with her but the moments I see her or about to do it with her then every arousal collapses in me. I am not a cheater too that I will say am attracted to another partner.
I don’t know if you have people on your page who have experienced this situation before and have been able to defeat it. If some are here please I want to know how you did it because it hurts me.  Prior to this we were very active in the sack.
Thank you Abena and God bless you for the wonderful work you and your fans are doing to restore happiness in people’s private life
Kindly note that we aren’t married. The wedding was cancelled after I chanced on her in a phone conversation with her mom. It wasn’t palatable so I called the wedding off. But the problem above was already persistent before then.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. The time spent apart indeed makes love grow stronger but it’s sometimes tricky. You might not know who is there to feed on the vulnerability of the weaker one. Women needs attention, they need to be cuddled and touched and not necessarily sex all the time.

    Never starve her of attention and the cuddling and touches and the random “I miss you” “ I love you text”

    The truth is and you can admit that even if it’s from afar she is Still ???? lit. She is very attractive. Your mind still has the infos to get you going to holding and enjoying her.

    This is psychological, you may need some counseling and probably a sex therapist to help you revive your urge.

    Early 30s, you’ve got a lot to give to your marriage and the passion that was once there.

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