The Marine’s Wedding


I just read one of your stories and it reminded me of the story of my marine friend. You can post it too if you want.

A marine went on deployment and gave access to his bank account to his fiancee so she could plan their wedding for when he returned. The girl was making purchases for the wedding and the marine was tracking. He felt like the girl was spending too much and would argue with her from time to time on some of the purchases but he couldn’t win those arguments and decided he’d committed himself so will just play along.

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Upon arrival from deployment, at the airport, he saw his fiancee in a simple wedding dress with her parents and siblings, his parents and siblings and their pastor. She told the marine “we’re having our wedding here right now. Please tell your follow marines to stay with us for the next 30 minutes.” To which the marine asked, “so what did you do with all the money you withdrew?”

The girl actually had the list of items she had to buy for the wedding but thought it was all a waste. Instead, she used the money to rent an apartment and furnished it. She told the marine, “after the wedding you are not going to your parents’ house, we’re going to our home.” And they have lived happily ever after. This is a marine I personally know and know how much he cherishes his wife. May God grant us women with such wisdom.

I really enjoy your page; keep up the good work; stay blessed.

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Written by Abena Magis

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