The Attraction Died When I Discovered Her Secret.


Good evening auntie Abena.You really doing a great work. With regards to the post about a guy who said his girlfriend is shapeless and has a flat chest. I once faced a similar issue. I love women with protruding breast but not all that large.

I’m of the opinion that as a man,I have to date or marry a lady I’m physically or sexually attracted to because I wouldn’t like to cheat on my woman. Aside physical attraction, of course I like woman who are intelligent and God fearing but physical or sexual attraction comes first( these are my specs).

So early last year, I saw this lady and I was moved by her breast (men are moved by what they see). We became friends, I later proposed and she accepted. She was God fearing as well (a Sunday School teacher) So, my love for her became very strong. One day I visited her and the attire she was wearing was very transparent so I found out that her chest was very flat. I mean flat koraaa, very small breast. So I was like eiii this girl has decieved me.

I also invited her over to my place and deliberately tried touching her and I found that it was foam. Her brassière was full of foam. From that time, my love for her begun to vanish. I later gathered courage and asked for a break up though I couldn’t tell her my reasons. Even to this day she keeps on asking me for the reasons why I broke up with her.
Note: I asked for a break up because I wouldn’t like to ever cheat on her.

I believe if men date or marry ladies or woman they are physically or sexually attracted to, they won’t cheat. Although I know some men are “dogs” ?? I also want to advice the ladies that they should be real, I mean they should be themselves and stop wearing butt pads and brassières with heavy foams. For guys who truly love their shape will come for them.
Note : we dated for 8 months but we didn’t do anything, I mean we didn’t have sƐx.

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