Survivor – Lured By a Job Offer

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I want to share my experience on the lady who was murdered when she went job hunting. Mine happen just this February 9th. It all started when a friend sent me a vacancy opening. I called the number provided and was told they will call back.

I left for Takoradi that same week for my cousin’s wedding. They called me on the 8th to come for an interview so I had to leave Takoradi at dawn. I got to Acçra around 10am so I rushed to the supposed place at Ajiringanor. I got there and met two gentlemen and a lady.

I was told to wait a little. It was a receptionist job and the place looked liked a new hotel they were about to open.
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About 20 minutes later, the lady came to call me. I met some guys and had a great interview with them. After they told me to go and see how the room set up looked (this is very normal in the hospitality sector). I got to the room but one of the guys kept following me. I ask if there was a problem he said no and that so far as I have gotten the job then I should do the needful.

I was very confused but before I could say jack he push me so hard that I hit my back on the edge of the bed. I was in so much pain. Auntie Abena, these guys came on me I fought with them with every strength in me but these guys raped me. They took turn after turn while I was crying and pleading. One got annoyed and started hitting me that I became so weak.

They left the room with my phone. I was so scared but I don’t even know where I had strength from. I got up locked the door and pushed the sofa in the room to chock the door. A few minutes later they came banging on the door. They tried opening from the back but they couldn’t. There was a space under the door and they threw my phone to me with all the screen broken but I was still able to use it.

I called a friend around. He came to my aid but he got a very serious cut when he fought with them. Since then I have not been the same. I’m still in my depression state and have withdrawn from everyone. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, all I take in is drink and sweets. I have been really suicidal. Kindly keep me anonymous.

She’s been referred to a psychologist

If you want to share your story anonymously kindly send a mail to

Written by Abena Magis

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