Survivor – How My Cousin Escaped Death


Hmm good afternoon.
Hmm this murder case ehn, my cousin was nearly killed and how she escaped, only God intervened. She used to sell fruits by the roadside around Achimota. It’s a very busy place so a friend of hers helped her out with the selling. As for this friend of hers, I’ll say she is the outing type because she likes chilling papa.
So there were these men (2 of them) who always bought fruits and always tipped them whenever they came around. That’s how they managed to gain my cousin and the friend’s trust.

One day, the men told them that they are travel agents and wanted to help them travel to Europe. Due to the trust these ladies had in them they didn’t even think twice. Ayoooo. They scheduled a day for them to go to the passport office where to fill a form. This was to be done on separate days. My cousin was so excited that she said she’ll go first so they came to pick her up.

According to her, they passed Lapaz and bought food and drinks for her. She just fell asleep like that and that she woke up in a room with red decorations ooo, no other colour. Then of the men came and told her to feel at home. He brought her food which I believe was poisoned/drugged and left. The first spoonful she took hit her chin and poured on her. The second one the same, the third one too same so she decided not to eat the food nor take the drink again.

As the man came back and was chatting with her, another man came from behind him and they signaled each other but the first one (their friend) signaled the one behind to wait. He then took my cousin to a room to change and freshen up. She opened the wardrobe in the room and it was full of ladies dresses, shoes and bags. She asked whose they were and he told her they belonged to his sisters who are abroad. Now she started feeling uneasy.

When she got to the bathroom, she saw pots with blood, cowries, etc so she didn’t take her bath again but decided to go back to the sitting room. She got there only to find 3 macho men deeply asleep (those who were supposed to kill her) so she tiptoed outside. Their wall alone is taller than the walls of Jericho. She went behind the house and saw big big dustbins with a lot of flies and the place is smelly.

How she managed to jump that wall is still a mystery and she said the moment she landed on the the ground a man from nowhere came to her and said “herrh what in the world are you looking for here? Get up and run as fast as your legs can carry you.” He showed her where to pass and she followed it till she met a farmer far far from where they took her. She begged the man to hide her in his house because her life was in danger but the man refused because he’s scared they’ll find out she’s hiding in his house and he’ll be killed as well.

He rather took her on his motorbike to the roadside to get a taxi for her (they still chased her though). She said the moment she entered the taxi she saw their car on top speed following them. In the taxi were two men in suit and immediately she entered they told her to just lie down (she was scared it could be their men). Those men in the car couldn’t see her and their car passed the taxi. The men made sure they brought her home before going back.

That day we were outside when she returned. She couldn’t talk, she just went inside, nothing she could do because of the trauma. It was after 2 days that she narrated what happened to her. 3 weeks later the men passed by and what they said was, “if it were your friend, she’d have been killed easily.” They even said my cousin was bad luck. The two ladies started shouting and raised the alarm but the men just sped off.

Till date my cousin hasn’t recovered (she behaves abnormally) because she saw things she’s not supposed to see but still escaped. Hmmmmm only God can save us from this wicked world, it’s not safe anymore.

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Written by Abena Magis

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