Stuck Between 2 Men


I write to seek the opinions of your followers. My friend is in a serious dilemma and need solutions urgently. She’s stuck between 2 guys.

Auntie Abena, the whole story started about a year ago when she met this young, handsome and gainfully employed guy. He works with international companies. He travels in and out of the country like visiting the” loo” “ kyerɛsɛ (I mean) nigga get kuddi, l’argent. Mfantenyi bɛsi (A Fante will call it) caaash.”

All was rosy, romantic and beautiful like the fairy tales we read until “Bra” started showing the other side of him. Auntie Abena according to my friend yɛka (if we talk of) jealousy this guy was the exact emblem, replica, photocopy. I’m lost for vocabs mpo, kyerɛsɛ he was the word jealousy.

Auntie Abena could you imagine, as alleged by my friend, she left school to his apartment to do cleanup, prepare dishes as a would-be wife will do. She got into the apartment and changed into something short to make movement in the house easier and started her duties.

Could you imagine he called via video and cautioned her not speak to any of the neighbors around? When he saw her in a short dress, derr norr brɔdaman cocoa apae” (he became furious)

He started accusing her of intentionally seducing the male neighbors around the extent of telling her to leave his place. Again auntie Abena, I mean this particular guy in question cannot believe there is missed call. He wanted her to answer anywhere, anytime he called. I mean how? When he called and she didn’t pick, that’s all. It meant she was cheating. Eeeiiii who does that?

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He and my friend will drive out but will gladly tell her not to get down till he is sure there are no men around. (You are saying huh in your head bia? Dey there). Let me leave it here else it will sound like judgment day when our sins will be played video as alleged by our Sunday school teachers. Hahaha. So at the end my friend couldn’t use kɔtɔ to make soup (couldn’t handle it) and they broke up.’

Two months later, as alleged my friend, during one of her social media surfing, she was contacted by her secondary school darling. They once dated in secondary school but it was nothing to write home about, I mean youth exuberance. Nkwasiadeɛ nkoaa, until the guy got a chance to leave for U.K to continue his education). So they started talking, conversations began heating up and in it all boiled up to the guy proposing (she hasn’t accepted though).

Auntie Abena according to my friend, this guy in question is still a student but shows he care, loving, his conversations are heartwarming, shows he has plans for the future. He sometimes sends pounds for credits. But her problem is the guy is still a student. He is not ready to settle down until he’s done with his education, the long distance relationship no?????

Auntie Abena, she is also alleging that, the osikani (rich) JEALOUS guy has realized he was at fault and has tried in so many ways to come back but to no avail to the extent of contacting her best friend to apologize through her. They sat down and settled their differences but hasn’t accepted him back yet.

Auntie Abena, the question now is should she accept the JEALOUS OSIKANI who has accepted his mistakes and willing to change OR the caring, loving, owner of good thoughts guy who is a student, long distanced and doesn’t know when he will be fit to settle down??? Kindly help my friend please….

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Written by Abena Magis

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