Spicing Your Marriage Up Sexually


I want to start by saying sex is beautiful and very important. Sex nourishes your soul and mind. Spicing up marriage sexually is therefore very important.

A lot of our women don’t know what ORGASM is because they’ve never experienced such. Some actually think sex to women is about having babies and satisfying your husband, that’s all.

I’m married with 3 kids and for my than 10 years of marriage, l have never denied my husband sex. Neither has he too denied me.

We communicate about everything, from orgasm to how we need to improve our sex life. We both work so house chores is done by us. Whilst I’m doing A, he’ll also doing be B so l go to bed with energy and joy in my heart whilst he feels the same.

Some women work and do house chores alone so by the time she goes to bed she’s too tired for sex. Plus the sex might even not be great from the husband. My husband and l still date, just me and him alone in the house whilst the kids are in bed. It’s fun.

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l had low libido after my 2nd child. Because we communicate a lot he lovingly and patiently helped me fix it. Not only that, he did his own research to help me gain it back. After my 3rd child, l didn’t feel when he sucked my nipples. But he took his time for me to gain my sensation back.

Sex is communication. It’s a teamwork and when you have apartnership marriage like mine, team work and communication on everything becomes easy. How you treat your wife will energize her sexual life

You can’t disrespect her and expect her to have feelings for you. Some women have divorced their husbands in their head and heart so sexually they no longer find them attractive. A lot of our women due to their husband’s cheating ways have shut down their sexual feelings. It is hard to revive such women due to the emotional pain of betrayal.

Instead of hanging out with friends every weekend do that with your wife most times. Hug her often, tell her you love her, hit her butt when the kids ain’t looking, kiss her out of the blue, all these prepare us women sexually. Take part in the house chores because Ghanaian women most are suffering too much with house chores.

How can both of you go to work, come home and you the man will sit and watch a woman you love do everything at home? What energy will she have to ask for sex because sex starts from the mind and when you’re tired it’s hard to think right. She would rather love not to be touched because it’s s very stressful for her to do it all.

Let’s communicate, go on dates, if possible go on vacation. It could be just the 2 of you or with kids. Do things together as afamily and see how it can improve your wife’s sexual life.

To the women that carry Bible and religion for head when it comes to sex, madam stop that. Be nasty and dirty in bed. His night nurse. Be the stripper whilst your man is the bartender. Sex is beautiful when both can have common grounds through communication.

Women ask for sex when it’s good. Let them know in healthy way when it goes bad. Direct them how you want to be touched with a sweet sensational voice, play songs that will turn you on. I ask for sex a lot that and he loves that ????????.

This is to the men with ego, the “I am the head of the house” kind of ego. Don’t bring that into the bedroom. Leave it in the living room. Don’t be selfish by just going in and out of the vagina, play with the clitoris, cherish it, kiss it and make the clit feel like a queen. Women kiss the penis for it to feel like a king.

As l said earlier sex is beautiful, great and it nourishes the soul. ORGASM isn’t for men only is for women too. So men, communicate with your wife. Find out why they deny some of you sex and both need to work on it. Dating after marriage is good, both being nasty in bed helps. I’m preparing for our date tonight ????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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