Some Married Men Don’t Say the Truth


Concerning single ladies sleeping with married men….it’s not our fault oo. Some of us didn’t know he was married.

A man texted me sometime ago and told me he lives in the USA and he is not married. He even asked me when I want us to get married so that he will come down to see my family for us to start preparing towards our marriage.

I accepted him into my life because he was so loving, caring, respectful, has a good heart and comes from the same region I come from. I fell in love with him though he was a stranger and I didn’t remember given my contact to him. I asked him severally how he got my contact but he kept telling me he will tell me on our wedding day.

He came to Ghana to visit me and we had a nice time together. He later came down the next year to organize a surprise birthday party for me and my friends and everyone around was so happy for me. He was sending me money for my upkeep and took care of me.

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I posted his picture on my status. One of my school mates saw his picture and said “do you know the man on your status?” And I said “what sort of question is that?” He then said, “he is my uncle, married with three kids in the USA.”

Sissy I swear I couldn’t talk for about 30 minutes????. I told him everything about when and how we started talking and even about the birthday party he recently organized for me.

My mate said, “my uncle asked the wife to come to Ghana first with the kids so he comes later. That’s how he got the chance to celebrate your birthday with you. He is still in our family house as I’m talking to you.”

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I was shocked because this man is the same person who told me he is leaving but wouldn’t let me go to the airport with him because the first time I went to see him off at the airport during his first visit???? Not knowing he was going to his hometown to meet his pregnant wife who came down weeks ago with their three kids ????????‍♀️

I then asked my mate how the uncle got my contact and he said he was the one who gave it to his uncle. That he posted my picture on his status and the man asked for my contact. My mate also gave it to him because he’d been promised a something.

Till now the uncle had been telling me he doesn’t have a wife so I also decided to stop talking to him because I can’t be with a deceiver. If he is able to deny his wife and children then who am I auntie Abena.

Sorry for the long post ok. I just want people to know that it’s not all girls who intentionally date people’s husbands. Some men are heartless and deceivers.

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Written by Abena Magis

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