Some Borgas Aren’t Borgas


Good evening I haven’t posted anything to you before but I felt what I have is worth sharing. I don’t mean to be konkonsa ooo but I want to advise our ladies who go on blind dates and distant relationships.

If your boyfriend claims he’s abroad, confirm his abroadness ooo na it’s not easy. Example if he’s in London aaa let him take a picture on the London bridge. What I heard today choked me ooo auntie??

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So this man called a lady on phone like this afternoon. It’s like a compound house and he’s a new tenant. Even his room koraaaa there’s no bulb ooo nso he was making a call telling the lady that the reason why he hasn’t been active is because he’s stuck up with work outside Ghana. He even told the lady that when they started talking for the first time he made it known to her that he’s a busy man. Eiii auntie Abena no be small oo.

I was like??? Which of the Ghana? So I looked around and I was like eiii so I’m abroad?

Please auntie tell them to be vigilant with people they meet online. Because the man was lying and I felt like shouting that “ɔbowa”

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Written by Abena Magis

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