Should I Tell His Wife the Truth?


I will be glad if your fans can help me out on this issue
I went to a funeral with my married brother. We spent 3 days in this town. You know how funerals occasions are, as in some women and men tend to mingle.

I was sharing a room with my brother and unfortunately, he mingled with one lady on the Friday night. At first, I thought it was just a normal mingling. But, things escalated Saturday evening when boys boys were doing some small sitting session. This lady was clingy, sat on my brother’s laps and doing all sort of things.

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I felt uncomfy but then I no show any mood. Soon they both left the sitting session. I decided to go back to where we were lodging to change and wear something long because of the mosquitoes. Auntie Abena, I got to the door and stopped when I was about to insert the key. There noor I heard some activities and soft moaning sounds coming from the room. I just had to leave because my brother make busy for inside. 

When he got back to the sitting session, the lady had left. The guys gave him fans (you know how men are). I was just there smiling and taking my Jack on rocks.

After the funeral when we got home, his wife asked us how it went. Then he told her I got a girlfriend kraa when we went. Now I feel guilty. I don’t know whether to tell his wife because she has really been good to me. They have 2 adorable kids. My conscience is playing tricks on me. I want to ask the fans if they have any good idea on how i should go about this. Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis

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