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Should I Tell His Wife?

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My husband and I moved into this apartment just 3 months ago. The caretaker here is very good and every Sunday will send his son to bring us some of the fufu his wife prepares. The woman sells tea in the evening and closes around 11pm every evening. Things haven’t been going well with her and 2 loans she took all weren’t enough and her husband keeps complaining that she doesn’t know how to manage money. If you see him insulting her in front of customers, you’ll weep for her.

I work at a savings and loans and had been talking to them to open an account there. I wanted the woman to come and open a susu savings account, the bank would take it daily and help her manage the money. Rather, she convinced her husband to come and open an account. He opened it with GHS6000 which was shocking because the way he talks at home you’ll think he doesn’t have money. Now, every Friday for the past 3 weeks a certain girl comes there to take money.

Her surname is his name and I am a very curious person so started asking her simple simple questions and found out she’s his daughter. Auntie Abena it’s surprising because she is 16 but the kids he has with his wife, the oldest is 9 years (9, 7 and 4 years – he has 3 with her). I did my own investigation in the hood and everyone in this area only knows his 3 kids.

The reason I’m writing this is because auntie, this man is giving his 16 year old GHS500 every week but his other kids are struggling with school fees issues. The 9 year old was owing school fees and the school didn’t want him to write the end of term exams until the mother found a way to pay. The man isn’t working after being laid off. I told my husband and he warned me from doing or saying anything because he says it’s not my business. Also, I can get into trouble for leaking client’s details but I feel so sad for this woman.

PS: Auntie I realized you haven’t posted it yet please add this to it. He came today to deposit GHS4500. Just yesterday, his wife came to ask my husband for GHS20 to buy milk for the tea she’s selling and promised to pay back this morning but he told her to keep it. I feel so bad. Hmmmm.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. People are really selfish and wicked. Tell someone else to go talk to the man and if he still doesn’t change send an anonymous message to his wife. Wickedness Paa this??

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