Should I Take My Ex Back?


There is this problem eating me up and I seriously need advice. My ex after 8 years wants me back and I need to know what to do.

I’m 27 years of age now. At age 19, I met my dream guy. We were both in love and had future plans with no sexual activity attached. We also promised to wait till I complete schooling so we get married. I had admission to the tertiary and the unfortunate happened.

He cheated on me and impregnated one lady he met on his way home from work (one night stand). I was deeply hurt and broken. All our dreams were shattered. Though I loved him, I was willing to let go. A few months later his traditional marriage with the lady was announced and damn, I got depressed and felt soo stupid.

I had sleepless nights for months even though I was in school. Their marriage didn’t even last for a year and they divorced.

Since then, for these past 8 years till now, he wants me back, pleading to make things work with us. He keeps telling me he can’t build our dream with any other lady. He is 7 years older than me but still insists he wants me or none. I’m confused, I’m now living my life and well employed.

I don’t want to make further mistakes. Although I still love him, I’m still hurt. He gives me a lot of luxury stuffs without me asking for, and is even shipping my first car next week to me. I didn’t ask for it but we had this discussion years back that I will drive to my graduation, and his fulfilling it now. He still has every detail of things I wish for in the past, and is trying to settle all that

Please I need an advice as to move on or give him another chance (I have stressed him for 8 years now). I will be hurt to see another lady living my dreams too but m still angry with him

Auntie Abena, I don’t know how to tell my parents about him since they haven’t forgotten what he did to me and are still disappointed in him.

I will be reading comments…

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. As I always say, you have to pray for proper direction. God will give you a lighter conscience to do the right thing. But have you found out why they broke up? He was quickly to marry someone after a one time encounter? Are you sure? Find out if they are still in touch? Is he still looking after the child? What are his intention and how discipline is he now? Ask real questions and weigh them… God be with you

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