Should I Take My Landlord’s Money?


Good morning,

I’m 23 years old. I’m from Obuasi and living with my sisters. We moved into our apartment in October 2018

About two or three months later, my landlord proposed to me and I rejected. He came back in July 2019 and I rejected him again. He came back again in September 2020. This time round, I accepted not because I love him but to teach him a lesson.

He lives together with his wife, 3 children and his inlaw. He travels to work on Mondays and comes back on Fridays. He gives me money even when I’ve not asked for it. He has given me 800gh ever since I said yes

Madam Abena the man is really dosted (rich) and I’ve decided to have my share but I know such men do not give gifts for free. He’s always been pressuring me with sex and I always tell him stories everytime.

His wife is very good to us. She treats us nicely. Can you believe this man has no shame? He tried the same thing with my younger sister and that pushed me to do what I’m doing. I know it’s not right. I was going for more of his money. Although I thought twice about what I was doing because I don’t want to get into trouble sake of money. Can you believe he’s a church elder?????

I want to end everything with him before it’s too late. This is because I’ve a feeling his wife might catch us one of these days. Wouldn’t want to break someone’s marriage because what goes around comes around and what if she finds out and curses me on top? ????

I don’t want to die young and it will be shameful to hear something like she was dating a married man. I’ve thought about all these and I want to stop since it’s written that what God has put together, let no man put asunder. I don’t want God’s anger to fall upon me too.

Should I tell his wife? I don’t want to because of how we women are. She could make it worse. I want to tell the man I’m not interested again but I don’t know how to tell him since I’ve taken his money. He promised me some 2000gh bi so I want to take it before I break the news to him because I’m damn broke????

Our rent is due, we’ll be moving out in December and I want to tell him before we move. Would have wished to tell him morrow but I don’t know how to say it so please help your little sis???????????? The earlier the better
Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Dear, its good you are scared. Means you were wrong on the intent to ‘teach him a lesson’. It was best to involve a third responsible party when He took it to your sister.
    I think you should return his money asap, and move out quietly as you plan. Cut all communications as you leave be sure of no further advances on your sister.

    He would know better to let this go quietly.
    If he refuse the cash, fine.

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