Should I Play Them Both?


I’ve been through many abusive relationships until last year when I met a man who has been very good to me. I wanted us to get married this year, he said he can’t but hopefully he’ll be able to do so next year.

Now there’s this old borga friend of mine who came back into my life this time interested in settling down with me and going to the States to start our lives together. He’s also generous to me. I was very convinced about the Ghana guy so wasn’t taking the borga serious but my sister had a dream that he disappointed me and I was crying and hurting badly.

Now I’m torn between the two of them because years ago, I was told by a pastor friend that my then relationship will end and I’ll be really broken and it happened. Now I’m very worried that this might happen again. I’ve been praying and asking God to not make me get hurt again.
I’m never been a two-man kinda woman but I’m tempted to date both so that in case one doesn’t work I’ll have one to go with.

Mind you, I’m old and matured enough to settle down and don’t have time for games
What advice will you give me please because I’m tempted to play them both.
I’ll be reading comments

Written by Abena Magis

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