Should I Persue My Love Interest?


Hi Abena I’m in a state of dilemma. My story is complicated but I wish you could advice me. I live in South Africa and married to a Ghanaian lady who I used to date here in South Africa. At a point she went blank on me and gave me no attention for more than a year which eventually made me think we broke up bcus I got tired of her attitude along the way.

Then I met a lady from Zimbabwe who accepted me and showed me so much care and incidentally I work with her ;this Zim lady, at the same place. Shortly after I dated the Zim lady, my Ghana woman came back after we met at an event and then she came all of sudden to stay with me. I got married to her, she is helpful and beautiful but I feel like I made a mistake bcus I feel within my heart that I really love this lady from Zimbabwe.

I think of her all the time even if I’m with my Ghana wife. I feel like marrying the Ghana woman wasn’t a fair action towards the Zim lady and I still feel in my heart that I love this Zimbabwe lady and I lost all my feelings for this Ghana lady. I’m suffering pretending Abena. Pls help me and keep me anonymous if you want to post.

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