Should I Pay My Aunty for Getting Married?


Blessed afternoon to you and all the Mano fans. I believe everyone is doing great in this house?Not to waste time, we move to the issue. I’m a 26 years old girl and a staff nurse by profession. I was in a relationship with the man who is now married to my aunt for three good years. My so called aunt knew very well that we were dating because we both visited her at home when she was sick. 

She welcomed him as her son in law that very day and gave us a lot of advice about relationships but I never knew I took him there for her snatch him from me. I started noticing some changes in his attitude some months later after our visit to her place. I requested for a dinner date so I could talk to him which he granted. And of course, all bills were on me because that’s was our policy ?. In the course of the dinner, I voiced out how I felt lately about the happenings between us and he promised to change for good.

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His promise to change for good rather turned out to be a change for worse attitudes because, he stopped calling me, wouldn’t answer my calls nor reply to my text messages. I decided to visit him to know if he was okay because, it had never crossed my mind that he might be cheating on me. It was one Saturday morning when I decided to visit him and to my greatest surprised, he was virtually naked with my aunt resting on his chest in his hall chaiii hmm.

I slapped myself so hard to see if I wasn’t dreaming or maybe at the wrong place but it was real. He was sleeping with her at my back and got her pregnant so therefore had no option than to settle down with her. Someone might ask, did I inform my family members about whom he was to me? Yes I did and because  it became an issue between I and her, our family pleaded with me to let go since I am still young. It was very painful but I had to let go of the man that I have ever loved with my whole heart. I relocated and vowed never to forgive my aunt for destroying my relationship and that of him for breaking my heart. I blocked him on all lines, FB, Instagram and Twitter.

Two years after their union, he called with an unknown number and only God knows how he got my line because I changed it. I didn’t trust the blocking thing self and that was why I changed it. Funny enough, this guy was  telling me how much he has missed me and still deeply in love with me and wants me back and so on. I pretended I never heard anything he said and went straight to ask how his family was doing. Only for him to tell me he had no family yet except the one he wants to have with me.

I felt cold within me hearing that from him because I really did loved him and still love him. I’m still single though men keep worrying me but I feel nothing for them. My friends keep telling me to for once accept one of them so I can forget the past but it’s not easy as they think. Since the day he was able to contact me,  we have been calling and texting each other every day till today. 

My birthday just ended and he celebrated it by buying an iPhone 12 pro and other stuff for me. We are cool now and he wants to divorce my aunt and marry me. He says he never loved her but was only lured to bed by her after having a drink served to him by her at her workplace. He also says she blackmailed him after everything which he couldn’t tell me because of the end results. I’m damn confused as to whether to allow him go ahead with the divorce or not because we are still much in love with each other. Just that we haven’t had any intimate after his marriage to my aunt (he tried it though but I resisted it).

Please I know this family can help me with the best advice I need right now so help a sister with your advice thank you. Aunt Abena please hide my identity ??.

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Written by Abena Magis

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