Should I Move With The New Guy Or Wait For “Number Busy”?


Hi Aunty Abena good afternoon to you and your lovely audience. I am using my brother’s account… So there’s this guy I’ve been dating for some time. He’s been so lovely and wonderful and surppotive. We love each other very much, but my main problem is that as at now, every time I call him from 9pm der nu, number busy.

I complained and he said he’s been talking to his sister and promised to stop but still now and then anytime I call him number busy. So there’s this guy who has been worrying me. Tho I don’t love him much, we started talking. He’s very good and came home to meet my people within a short time. He introduced his parents to me as well. Meanwhile, my boyfriend hasn’t even come to my house before.

Neiither I to his because he said he doesn’t send girls to his house. (his parents don’t liake that.) I don’t even know where his house is and we almost been dating for over a year now. Please I don’t know whether to wait for my boyfriend to change or move on with this new guy. I need your advice.

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