Should I Leave My Boyfriend For My New Love Interest?


Dear auntie Abena, please ask your noble fans to advice me on this.

I have been in a relationship with this guy for two years and terminated two pregnancies for him. We are all okay with each other and both working but anytime a marriage topic pops up, all he say is he’s ready but don’t know when not even planning.

Last week, we had a conversation around it and he made a comment that I should prepare spiritually, financially and all but not materially as in buying stuff down and that if he doesn’t marry me God will vindicate me.

Fast forward I’ve been talking to this guy who has developed interest in me and will want us to get married but he doesn’t stay in Ghana and not a Ghanaian. The thing is I’ve developed something for him too but I overlook it. He has a child and his wife is late. He even asked for my documents to file so I come live with him.

The problem is I hear stories where people lost opportunities just because of their partners here and do not even end up together and looking at what my Ghanaian boyfriend is doing hurts me. My friends see us and think we’re the coolest couple but we’re not.

He doesn’t check up most often and his number is often busy late at night when I call him and he’ll tell you it’s his cousin. Same excuse every time though I don’t ask him sometimes.

Trust me, I’m a very cool girl and although I have my flaws, I’m torn in between these two men. Dear fans please help a sis with a piece of advice!

Thanks a lot auntie Abena. Anonymous please.

Written by East@Edito468

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