Should I Help A Lady in Distress?


Good morning. I’m a young girl of 22 currently in the USA. I live alone, I work and I’m in the university at the same time. There’s this problem I have because I made a decision and I’m scared if I did the right thing or not I need an advice please.

So a friend of mine whom I’m in college with called me for help. He told me his friend got kicked out of her house so he needed my help because he lives with his parents and there is no way they will allow her to live with them. The girl slept at the park that night and you know how it’s scary in such places and shooting is really something that lots of people do here so I allowed the girl to come stay with me for the night.

She will be getting a place this week but I’m scared now because one of my female friends was telling me not to have allowed her and asked what if I wasn’t living by myself. I just felt bad and helped her because I was once in that kinda situation although I didn’t get kicked out but I left on my own because living with step parents are really difficult.

But now the problem is, should I still allow her to stay till she gets a place this week or do what else? I don’t know what to do because sometimes doing good really gets you in problems. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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