Should I Give His Mother Money?

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Hi, I want an answer but hide my identity. I’ve been dating a guy outside Ghana for more than a year now. We’re planning on getting married so he asked for the list of the marriage items which I sent to him. Now the problem is, he has divided the things into 4 and has taken 1 quarter and is asking me to take 3 quarters of the expenses so that means I am buying the greater part of the marriage lists.

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Secondly, his mom is in France and she will be coming down to Ghana because of the marriage to represent him since he’s not in Ghana. Now even though I live in Accra, I am to go and meet her in B/A because that’s where she’s from. He’s told me that when I go to visit his mom, I should surprise her with a gift since I will be meeting her for the first time. I was like, “okay. What do you think I should get for her?” and he said I should give his mom money

In fact, I wasn’t happy with his demand. Please help me. Do you think it’s advisable to go into this kind of marriage. Sometimes he’ll ask me to buy some things here in Ghana and send to him with my own money he’ll pay later but he won’t even pay too. He’s done this not once,.not twice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I entreat you to stop this nonsense called love. Guy assumes you are desperate and is taking advantage. Why would he ask you to pay for your own dowry? This is insane. Please walk away now before you regret it in the near future by which time it will be too late

  2. The guy is lying. He is cheating through lies to obtain money from you. He must be the same person who did a similar thing to my niece, telling the same stories such as contribute to dowry then send money to his mom etc etc.
    It is the same sequence of stories that my niece went through before she finally realized she is being cheated. My sister, back out before it is too late !

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