Should I Blame My Ex Husband


Good morning. Please my name is Becky and a silent follower of your page. I got married at age of 27 and it lasted for just a year. We started having issues from the 8th month of the marriage after I realized that he was into black charm and other stuff. I had to pack out and that was when my problems started.

Auntie Abena, since I left that marriage, no man and I mean not a single man has proposed to me for eight years now. And is not that I’m ugly too. I have been to men of God for help but nothing is happening. I felt so frustrated that I went to him (ex husband) to ask for forgiveness in case I offended him in anyway. He said I should let my whole family come and beg him but I told him that will not be possible.

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About four years ago, he sent me a text message that read “you think you have been forgiven.” I don’t understand it till now. I’m so frustrated that sometimes I feel like ending it all especially when people ask, “when are you getting married,you are not growing any younger.”

Sometimes I cry the whole day and nothing is happening. I will be 36.years this November. I really need help. People see me outside and they think I’m the happiest person but I’m dying softly. Please hide my identity and post for me.
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