Should I Attend My Ex’s Dad’s Funeral?


My ex girlfriend’s dad has passed away and the funeral is next week. The problem is that my current girlfriend feels threatened anytime her name comes up in a conversation. Much as I try as much as possible not to discuss her, we have a lot of common friends, and sometimes her name comes up in her own dealings even in my absence.

I wish I could attend the funeral but this would spark some unnecessary fights which I am not willing to. I say this because I had to restrict her on Facebook and WhatsApp just because my ex liked a random post I shared. The argument from my girlfriend was that if we have nothing going on, my ex wouldn’t like my post on Facebook.

On the other hand my ex and I grew up together, our families are long standing family friends. My parents and siblings would actually attend the funeral. Any advice? Pls hide my identity ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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