Should I Apologise to His Baby Mama?


I’ve been with this guy for seven good years. Throughout these years, he’s been trying to be authoritative which I don’t give him the chance to. It got to a time his behaviour changed even though I never spent a night at his house.

Just recently, I found out that he has a three year old child with another woman which I never knew. When I confronted him he said it’s my fault because I didn’t want to be intimate and do his laundry and meals. I was really hurt but I couldn’t cry even though I wanted to see tears so that I’ll be fine.

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His baby mama came to my dm and insulted me but I kept my cool because most people around the guy said he’s a staunch womaniser. I wanted to reply his baby mama but I didn’t. She thinks I am the one chasing the guy rather. And I don’t even know how she got my contact

I want to apologise to her even though I’ve done nothing wrong. Please what should I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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