Should I Allow My Mum to Remarry?


I salute. Let me go straight to the point.

My mum gave birth to me at 23, out of wedlock. She later married at the age 30 and has 3 kids with my step dad, who are my half-siblings. My stepdad passed away a year ago. Though we are sad he died, we are okay in life.

I asked my mum not to marry again because she is almost hitting 60. Marrying means she has to go for someone in his 60’s and I told her, most men die between age 60-75years. She marrying again could put her at risk of being a widow again sooner, after bonding with her “new husband” for just a few years.

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She understood me but my aunties are forcing her to marry. They insist she will be lonely but I feel it’s not a good enough reason. My mum is currently 58 years old but looks like someone in her early 40’s. She is still looking very young and beautiful.

Most men die earlier than women, especially from their 60s. I just don’t want to see her becoming a widow again. She is now torn between my advice and her family/sister’s. Do you guys think I’m right or being too protective.

Should I allow her to remarry?

Help me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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