She’s Threatening to Curse Him


I want to seek advice for this my best friend who is dying slowly. He has dated his girlfriend for 3 years. Everything was fine but alongside the way 2 abortions happened. Not because he doesn’t want a baby with her but he is now a level 200 student in one of the universities in Ghana. He’s financially unstable and doesn’t want to see her & the baby go through financial difficulties until he’s through with school and get something doing.

According to him, he really loves her and sees a future with her but she has started cheating because he can’t meet her needs. He caught her and confronted her on it.

Her response was she doesn’t love the side guys things she’s doing but it’s because of the money. My guy is going through emotional pains but decided to allow her move on so she can be happy in life even though he still loves her. But the lady is threatening to curse him if he dares leave her due to the abortions they’ve had.

Her point now is my guy should continue to be with her but has to accept her cheating for money since she doesn’t want to stress him too. My nigga is damn confused and can’t even force happiness. What should he do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. She is very stupid…so can’t she work to take care of her own self but rather chase men for money…your friend should leave her she should go ahead and curse him it will backfire and bounce back to her …he should go to a good pastor to reverse any curse….and when he makes it one day and she comes back begging he should never take her back

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