She’s Threatening to Accuse Me of Rape if I Don’t Give In [+ screenshots]


Good morning. You are doing a great job. God bless you. My name is John Ezekiel Kelly and I have been following your platform. I have this issue disturbing me. There is this girl in my area who has been troubling me to the fact that I’ve begun to lose interest in women.

She sends me texts, calls me even to the extent of posting my pictures on social media expressing her stupid lustful love. I’ve tried everything in my power to tell her that I am not interested.

Instead she called me one day to threatening me that if I don’t date her she will report to the police that I try to rape her. I made a report to the police, and I called some elders to show them the chat and messages she has been sending to me.

She is trying to accuse me of rape if I don’t make love with her and get her pregnant I have the screenshot.

I was home today I couldn’t go to work so she came trying to get entry to my room. If not for my landlady intervention I would have been maybe in police custody. I don’t know her plans. If she gets entrance to my room today and accuses me of rape, no human will believe me bcos society believes women because there are weak.

Because of this issue I am about selling my phone because of her. She keeps disturbing me on social media. This life is not balanced.

Written by Abena Magis

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