She’s Refusing to Tell Me the Truth


Good afternoon to you and your manofans and thanks for the great work you have been doing. I really need an advice from you and you fans. I have been dating my lady for almost six years now but something happened these past fews days that I don’t know what to do or think of my lady now.

She is in one of the health institutions. Yesterday I had a call from my sister that my lady fall in class and was rushed to the hospital

To cut the long story short, I was told a lot of test were ran on her so I asked a friend at the hospital to assist me in knowing what is wrong with her. He told me after checking on her file that my woman is pregnant. According to the doctor my woman said they shouldn’t tell the mother about it.

I called my woman as if I didn’t know anything and asked her what the doctor said was wrong with her after the tests. She lied to me that it was just an infection. I kept on pushing her to see if she will tell me the truth that she is pregnant but for days now she is still lying to me.

I let my friend send me the pictures of the test and it confirmed she is indeed pregnant. I want to tell her mother about it and call the relationship off because it’s clear that she doesn’t want to tell me the truth. It’s also obvious that I am not the father of the child.

My only problem is she’s not ready to tell the mom and I don’t know what the girl might do later. I want to know if I’ve taken the right decision or not to walk away. I will be right here reading comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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