She’s Refusing to Let Go of Her Papa No


Good evening Ma’am. Thank you very much for your platform. It has become an avenue to find love, resolve relationship issues and also connect people from all walks of life. You’re doing a good job and may you has the blessings of God to do more.

 Please there’s this issue bothering me for some time now, wanted to keep it to myself but upon a second thought, I would like to share with you so your audience can help me out. 

So I met this lady who was my junior in the uni. (We became close after school). I showed interest and she did too. Now we both were in a relationship but not to comfortable. I made her aware of my relationship and she did too. Initially she wasn’t interested but I persuade her and eventually she gave in. So we do things, share ideas together. We both fell in love.

I was actually willing to let go of my woman so we both can go ahead and have serious relationship but she never showed any sign of that. She actually have a sugar daddy aside the boyfriend. ( He sponsors her. The papano is not a resident in Ghana). now someway somehow  she found out that the so called serious boyfriend was actually married with two kids hence she opt out from the relationship. Cool. Was still with thinking she’s gonna let go of the paapano. Ma’am to cut long conv shot, she’s not willing to let go but expecting me to let go of my woman.

The last time we spoke and had an argument over this issue, I told if she really wants us to get serious we both should be willing to let go of who ever is in our live. This didn’t go down well with her. She’s block me everywhere. I apologized and tried every means to let us talk but she won’t mind me.

Please she’s an active member of your page. I want her to know I’m sorry. But I want my fellow men and women to advise me on the next action. Thanks, will be reading comments ????????????

Written by Abena Magis

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