She’s Refusing Me Because of a Game


Good evening. Please you and mano fans should help me. I was there this evening and my wife came that we should play a game. I asked her which one does she want and, she said soccer.

Now the first half ended and it’s 11-2 against her (she is the one playing Chelsea and I am playing Man City.). She got angry that I have scored her too much so she won’t play again, I agreed and we stopped playing. Now the AC is on and the room is freezing, I want us to do the do (I hope you know what am talking about) but she said no because I have scored her so no do the do for tonight.

Whaaaaaaaaaattttttttt? How I am hot and sweating and she is doing that eerrrrrr. Please what should I do to calm her down for me to do my do? I really need it this evening. Please help a brother. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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