She’s Pregnant but It’s Not His

Dear Auntie Abena,

I’m Col, an ardent follower of your page and I have the longest name possible on your page and a top fan as well. An issue just popped up with a friend of my brother and I would like this august house to help me advise my brother accordingly.

The issue is that a lady friend of my brother was indisposed this afternoon at work. Since they both work at the same place, he escorted her to the hospital.

When they got to there, she was asked to do some lab tests and scan because she was complaining of severe stomach pains. Lo and behold she has diagnosed of being 5 months pregnant. She immediately broke down into uncontrollable tears.

Auntie Abena the problem is that she and her ex broke up months ago. She is dating again but they met two months ago and they both work at the same place too. She only missed her period this month and didn’t show any signs until the tests now.

She’d already told her current guy that she has missed her period for this month thinking she was only a month pregnant. The guy told her he’s ready to take care of the baby but here lies the case she is rather 5 months pregnant.

The way she and her ex broke up wouldn’t allow her to approach the guy again. Now she doesn’t know what to do because she is just 22 years old and just beginning life. Should she inform her current boyfriend that the baby isn’t his? If she keeps it too, she might give birth in about 4 months and this would raise eyebrows about how soon she has given birth. Contacting her ex would be hectic and difficult now.

She’s still at the hospital with my brother and is having negative thoughts right now. She is considering suicide. Please let the house help me advise my brother on what to do to comfort her. Please insults are not welcome because I am not the victim here. I just want to help someone.

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Written by Abena Magis

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