She’s Not Romantic


Please I have this problem. I have dated my lady for 2 years. I really love and wish I could marry her. She’s nice but has this problem of being rude and not ready to submit as a woman. She has never said sorry since we started dating.

I make sure I do everything I can to make her ok and happy. We can’t talk and laugh because she decides when to talk. When she’s moody you dare not talk to her or try touching her. I have had a lot of chance at times to cheat on her but I always say no because I love her

Yet, whenever she’s in the mood to talk you dare not say no. Our sex life is boring because I can’t romance her deeply. You just kiss and rubbish her clit and that’s all ????

When you try licking her, she’ll say no and it really causes a lot of bruises because of the dryness. Auntie Abena I really love her but I am scared because I always ask myself will I be happy if I wed this lady?

I get shocked and stop thinking. As a lady she should at least try being romantic like say cooking together with her guy or something like that but it’s a no from her. I sometimes wish to go on a vacation with her but I get scared because I fear she might be moody all day and the money might go waste.

I love her too and don’t want to cheat on her. Please what should I do? I am a guy who loves to play with his woman but here am I????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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