She’s Falsely Accusing Me of Attempted Rape


Good morning. I’m being falsely accused of attempted rape. It would mean losing and being disgraced as well. Please post it for me because I don’t know what to do now to defend myself.

I’m a 23 year old guy. I am working as a Police Assistant in Eastern region but just last two months when I gained admission into a pharmacy school at Kasoa.

My sister lives in Kasoa so I relocated to live with her. My sister has two boys and she has a 16 year old girl living with her who takes care of her provision store.

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2 weeks ago, my sister travelled to our village. I was the one cooking for my brother in law, their kids and the 16 years girl. The girl goes to the store as early as 6:30am and closes by 8pm.

Please just yesterday morning, my commander instructed me to report to work because I’ll be going to court the next day with a suspect and a CID. I left Kasoa 2 days ago in the morning

Yesterday evening, my sister called and asked me whether I ever tried raping the girl or not. I was shocked and said no. My sister said the girl is spreading a rumour that I have promised her GHS200 if she allows me to sleep with her. She also says that whenever she is bathing, I sneak in the bathroom unexpectedly and sometimes I enter her room secretly to romance her

These are all false auntie Abena.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like playing with younger girls because of what I’ve experienced at the police station. I don’t know what to do auntie Abena, I’m so worried and down.

The girl is accusing me falsely and my family will be disappointed in me though they won’t tell me. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed. I’m a shy person who finds it difficult to explain things. Please I want you to post for me for your fam to help me out because I don’t know what to do or say to defend myself and get rid of that shame.

Sorry for the long write-up and keep me anonymous ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. It’s not easy to come clean in such instance, Call your brother in law and tell him how you ve kept your distance from her.
    If your sister is not around, I suggest you don’t stay there as well.
    There’s nothing you can do about the rumors, if that little girl is not saying the truth.

  2. You are shy…then wait for shyness disgrace..get some bold Ness and defence yourself..get some elder family members go there ..invite a pastor and talk of your innocence otherwise expeCT the worst..unless you are guilty

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