She’s Asking for Anal Because She’s Too Big


My problem to me is bigger than an elephant. I never knew I could meet my soulmate but cry because of what she lacks, a right vjay.

Auntie Abena, this girl is everything. She’s sweet, respectful, respectable, clean, helpful, you name it. She’s the first woman to give me gifts or help me with anything without being asked. I’m so relaxed around her and can be myself because she doesn’t feel threatened by my past issues.

She even gave me some months to finally let go of the woman I was with when we met. (On and off relationship but I didn’t want to be the one to ask for a breakup). Auntie Abena, she’s met my family and I’ve met hers. Our friends know her as the one I’ve been waiting for.

The problem is I swim when we’re having sex. She gets very wet so at first I thought maybe that’s why but there was this day she was dry because her mood was on and off like bi, I could feel the dryness but still man was still in a big hot cave ????.

It’s not that I’m small oh. I’ll say my prick is medium size and I’ve been with girls with small vajays who can’t take it and complain that it’s big. So I told my girl and she searched on Google and said maybe she has an infection. We’ve been to hospital and pharmacies. What one nurse said is some women are naturally big down there so if that’s how she is then there’s nothing we can do.

There’s nothing we can do? She confessed to me that she hardly feels a thing except when I’m hitting her hard from the back like doggy or monkey ???? when I go deep. My favorite is man on top which she says she doesn’t feel a thing ????????????

The problem is she’s saying we should start doing anal because she can see I’m struggling with this and doesn’t want to lose me. The thing is she’s never done it before, neither have I. I constipate sometimes and know how painful it is but my girl says we should do it.

Just last Saturday, she turned on the bed and I was thinking doggy as usual but she said I should enter her anally. I became soft at once. She’s been crying since then because she says I don’t want to make an effort. Not that but it’s different if she was already into that. Even that one no I’d have paused small since it’s not my thing to do but she’s an anal virgin, how do I break something I don’t want to?

I’m worried this could turn into another issue as she’s no longer the free spirited girl I love to be with. All my plans this Christmas are hanging because I love kissing her and don’t want to stop when one thing leads to another.

NB: she has used these tightening pills and creams in the past but stopped after she developed an allergic reaction (severe rashes to any of them whether powder, oil, cream and one that is like water). Help a brother please. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Talk to your girl, standby her and let know how much u love her no matter what. If it girl hasn’t slept around too much to constitute this problem, then yes she falls in the 1 out of 20 ladies who are like dat down der naturally. lt’s quite embarrassing to be in this kind of situation and l pray she gets out of it soon before she falls into depression. Ps: inbox me for a little soln l know to help her.

  2. I don’t know of the efficacy of the so-called “tightening” creams on the streets. If your finances are ok, there’s a very high chance plastic surgery will help your woman get the exact vjay you both want. Good private facilities both within & without the country can be of good help. Our very few referral facilities too can be a good starting point. (medical professional)

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