She’s Angry With Me Over Ironing


Good evening and same goes to all the Mano fans. I’ve been with this lady for like two years now. She started working in a restaurant last week. Yesterday, she was ironing her clothes but instead of her connecting the iron to the main socket, she rather connected it to the stabilizer.

I saw it and told her to please connect it to the main socket. After saying just that sentence, she became angry and moody. She left without telling me so I tried calling her like more than five times but it was on call waiting. She never called me back too. I became curious about whom she was talking to for that long.

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When she got home in the evening, I crossed check whom she was talking to and got to know that, it was the guy who employed her. They talked to the extent that, this guy insulted me without my lady telling him to even stop. Auntie, I don’t know what to do. Because, how can you narrate something that happened between us to a third party and I’m your favour too.

This her boss also proposed to her and she was like, “I’m thinking about it.” Please what should I do? Note: she becomes angry when she does something wrong and I talk about it. Sorry for the long post though. Please alert me when posting. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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