She Was Lucky But Will You Be Too?


Sis Abena good day. Pls I want to use your platform to tell our ladies to be very careful and smart kakra ebeii!!

I was with my mum yestee when a lady who might be in her mid-twenties chanced upon us looking very worried. So my mum asked her what the problem is and she said she came all the way from Kumasi to Takoradi to meet a friend (male) she met on Fb. She said immediately she entered his kitchen she saw kids slippers and other stuffs like utensils and so on which shows that he might even be a married man. She never minded but went futher to prepare fufu for both of them to eat and I think they chop themselves too.

Afterwards she told him that she wants to leave so he should escort her but he said he’s tired and can’t do that, so she should just step out and be asking people where the bus station is na “Obisafoɔ ɛnyera kwan”. So she asked him to give her fare to go back but he said he has only 40cedis on him so she should take and leave. Jist like that?? Oh women! Why??‍♀️

She took the money and just stepped out tho she doesn’t know here. She’s a total stranger. She started walking and walking with the hope that she’ll get to the station so that’s how come she came to meet us, right infront of my mum’s house. She felt soo worried and stupid at the same time and all she was saying was I could have used my money to do something better than coming here.

If not that she came to meet us like she would have been in danger because from where my mum lives to the station is too far. My mum advised her never to do that again and escorted her. My mum picked a taxi for her and asked the driver to take her to the station. My mum gave her number to her to call her when she arrives at Kumasi. Just this morning my mum called me to tell me that the lady has called that she has arrived safely, and couldn’t stop thanking her.

Pls let’s just be very careful and smart na what at all will make you travel all the way from where ever you are to meet someone you just met on Fb? What if something happens on the way? What if he harms you? Is it the sweet talks, money, marriage or what?

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