She Wants to Marry and Come Back to Him


Good evening. I need you fans to help me with this issue. This friend of mine called Kofi came to me three days ago that I should help him with advice and up till now I don’t know how to solve it for him.

The problem is he is dating a girl whom he loves very much and is sure the girl also loves him. His problem is the girl called him one day that a different guy has come to see her family that he wants to marry her. She says even though the second guy has performed the Knocking rites, she wants to still date Kofi.

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She’s saying she doesn’t love the one coming to marry her but is only marrying him just because the guy is so rich. After getting what she wants from the marriage she will come back to my friend so that they will settle together as husband and wife.

Her only condition is that my friend shouldn’t date or cheat on her, because she is doing all this for them to have a better life in future. Now my friend is confused on what to do, either to break up or continue the journey with her. He needs fans to help him.
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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. wicked woman,why don’t u stay with your guy and hustle with him to make,why would you want to deceive another man,take his money to give to someone else, madam u will pay for it if you don’t change your mind .

  2. Naa what kind of cock n bull story is the girl telling you both, that’s a lie what if after the marriage she gradually falls in love with this guy and now decides to stay? What will be of your friend? I think she shouldn’t be forced to agree to marry the rich guy if she truly loves him… Feels do change
    And also no one can just get up one day and walk to your parents house and say i want to marry you n decide to do “knocking” if you don’t know him or you both aren’t secretly seeing each other too…

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