She Wants Me To Marry Her.


I met this lady that we both work in the same company for about 18 months now. She got employed immediately I broke up with my girlfriend. I proposed to her and she accepted it with the clause that it is just for fun because she is into a relationship and her guy is not around at the moment so we will stop when he comes back.

I agreed because she was good and she is a complete woman. Now her guy is back but keeps on postponing the marriage with his reason being that he wants to achieve certain things before. But it is going to take him almost 2-3years to achieve the set goals. This lady is 29years and she is deeply in love with me that she wants to settle down with me but she doesn’t want to hurt her guy so what should she do now?

NOTE: Both of them have not done any formal introduction to each others family members in their 6 years of dating. Should I go ahead and marry her and what is she going to tell her guy?? I really love this lady so much because of how she communicate with me and her openness.

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