She Wants Me Back as a Friend After Breaking My Heart


God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing. I want to share this story of mine. It all started back in 2016. In my first year in SHS I met this beautiful girl but as shy as I was I wasn’t able to approach her until somewhere 2019 when we had completed school.

I proposed to her and she rejected me a couple of times but, I thought it was normal for ladies to act that way so as not to look cheap. A month later she finally accepted or so I thought. We talked on phone for hours, even exchanged pictures and all that. I was in Accra then and she was somewhere in the Eastern Region.
I came back home to visit my mom on her birthday and called this lady to meet me.
After meeting her she told me she could no longer continue lying to me. She explained that she actually had someone in her life, I was completely broken and ouldn’t even go to work the following morning when I returned to Accra.
I had to call my supervisor and pretend to be sick. In actual fact I was really sick and I couldn’t even eat because of her.

Two days after the sad revelation she called and because I was still into her, I tried my best to win her over. She finally accepted and somewhere January 2020, she broke up with her ex completely. Everything looked wonderful from that point. We did almost everything together though we were not living in the same hood. Suddenly everything changed, she started complaining over unnecessary issues including my physique. She said she wanted someone with muscles. I cried and pleaded with her over and over again but the problems kept on coming.

One day she called me and requested that we break up for seven good years and reunite when we were ready to marry. I objected but once she made up her mind there was no way anyone could persuade her. I had to let her go telling myself that I would get her back if we were really meant to be. She called that evening and we settled everything that night. Since then she turned into corona virus we had new cases each and everyday.

Fast forward to this year 2021 she started comparing me to her ex over and over again after she left for school ( she is in a nursing college now). She told me before she left that I shouldn’t call or text her or expect her to do same because she wanted to focus on her studies. I had no choice but to accept it. Two days before she left, she called me while I was asleep and asked for airtime. She sounded harsh so I told her to relax. I had no money in my momo account then. Just after I told her this, she started calling me useless and all that. In response to this I told her she was acting senseless and irrational. Auntie Abena this girl said I had insulted her therefore we should break up.

I have about 4 numbers, this girl blocked all of them including my mum’s. I tried reaching out to her with my granny’s phone, she answered and told me it was over and there was nothing I could do to change that. U asked her to meet me to end everything. An hour later after we had met and ended the relationship she called and told me she wanted me back. I tried to play a little hard to get but I was in love so I gave in. She left for school and that was when the troubles doubled. She only calls me when she needs emotional support or tech support. I am also in an IT school. I was ever ready to talk to her but I had to obey her rules.

Auntie Abena the issue is that she asked me for money but I told her to wait, she even told me it wasn’t that urgent. The following day she called and told me her ex was ready to give her the money but I who claims to love her is tossing her around. I was in the middle of sending her the money then but I stopped and invested that money in my blog (I bought a domain for my website). She called again but because I was hurt by what she said I asked her to pick between myself and her ex. She gladly told me she wanted her ex back and hanged up.

Auntie Abena I was really furious I felt used. I had tolerated her for so long my mum, friends all warned me that she was going to kill me one day but I rubbished that until that day. I was still in love though. She called a few days later. I tried my best to settle everything once again. In fact I thought she would have learnt her lesson by then but this girl had something else in mind.

On the day we had the nationwide blackout, she called me but halfway through the call, my phone went off. I charged my battery and went online only to see an essay from her that she was sorry for wasting my time.

The love I had for her had drastically reduced so I was cool. I deleted her number and all her pictures from my phone and laptop.

Auntie Abena since that day I haven’t known peace. She has being calling me over and over, giving my number to her friends to beg on her behalf and all that. I asked her what her reason for breaking up was and she said her pastor said if she wasn’t ready to marry in the next 2 years she shouldn’t be dating. After several weeks of begging she’s finally accepted her fate and is now begging me to be her friend so I can help her with technical issues. I have told her I am not interested but she keeps on calling. I have now blocked her but she is now sending whatsapp messages and video calling.

My question is have I done anything wrong?The photos below is our chat this morning

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Written by Abena Magis

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