She Wants to Buy My Silence


God bless you for the good work you have been doing. I want to share my problem and solicit for some advice from Manofans. My ex wants to buy my silence about our son.

Back in university in 2015, I once helped a woman to fix her flat tyre. This woman was so grateful that she gave me her card to call her anytime I wanted.

I honoured a visit to her house where we had a great conversation. I found out that her fifteen year old marriage had produced no children and this had made her very depressed. I became her confidante whom she shared a lot of personal stuffs with.

One day she told me she wanted to cheat on her husband. She claimed he barely had time for her and wanted me. She promised to take care of me if I became her toy boy.

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Things were hard for me in school so I had no option than to acquiesce to her proposal. This woman liked sex a lot. I missed a lot of lectures just to meet her insatiable sex demands. She kept her promise to me and I never lacked anything which helped me a lot.

Then one day, she left without a trace. I went to her house and got to know she had travelled to Britain. No calls, no texts, no messages, nothing. She had cut me off without any sign of pity.

I bumped into her at the mall late last year. I wanted answers after so many years and approached her but this woman behaved as if she had never seen me before. Surprisingly, whe was with a boy of about four years old who looked just like me. I asked her who the boy was and she sped off in her car. I followed her in a taxi and got to know her new place.

One weekend I went to the house unannounced and she was stupefied. Her husband wasn’t around. I told her point blank that I wanted my son. Apparently she had made her rich husband believe it was his child and thus my request was untenable.

Now, she has promised me a huge amount money if I keep quiet about it. She wants me to pretend I have no child anywhere and become like a sperm donor. I am at a crossroad about this whole thing. Should I proceed to get my child or take the money to start a new life since I am unemployed?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. You are unemployed n you want your child, do you want to distract the boys life…… Forgive my words but its best you forget about him since you have nothing to offer the child now.

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