She Took Away My Feelings And Desires.


Good evening Aunty Abena. I hope you are doing well…I need help… I really do bcos I am scared of what I am gradually becoming ooo.

My relationship of 8yrs ended last year January bcos the woman I invested soooo much of myself into went in for another man when she changed location and started working. That 8yrs everytin was about her and I gave a little time for myself and other friendships. She has moved on and I am stuck.

Nothing about relationships interests me any more. I have tried countless times to start one but I lose total interest along the way. I have even posted on unsingle me before, but after talking to several of them I lost interest and its not because they weren’t beautiful or nice ooo but I am not interested after a while.

I will turn 31yrs this year and at least should have a woman by my side hustling together and making life better for ourselves. But the fear of being jilted again is holding me back. At the other side too I really want to start a relationship. I feel soooo bad when we meet as friends and they come with their women and wives and am all alone.

Boredom and loneliness dey kill person so I have been drinking a lot lately in my apartment… I stay in my room drink, come here and read a few stories and sleep if am not working. Aunty, I really need help ooo cos even when friends hook me up I end up loosing interest along the way. I see women and pass like I have seen a man… What at all is wrong with me Abena?
Post me anonymous… Thanks

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