She Smokes and Drinks


God bless you for the Tremendous Work you and my brothers and sister here are doing. I need help ????

2 years ago, I met this girl on Facebook around the Ramadan time. We got talking and got to know each other. After a year of talking, we decided to meet so she visited me at my place NB we live in different regions.

Everything was cool for sometime. We had some little issues here and there but I always made sure I apologized even if I’m right because I really loved her and couldn’t stand to argue with her.

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My problem is I never knew she was a smoker and heavy drinker too. ???? She smokes anything from weed to cigarettes, you just name it. I don’t smoke neither do I drink but I really love her.

Eerything is clear that we’re both in different leagues but I really want to be with her. Anytime I’m with her she gives me the comfort I need. I’m just confused right now.

Today is my birthday but I’ve just not been in the mood for anything. This issue is really affecting me. I want to know if there’s some kind of medication that I can give her to make her despise smoking or any place I can take her to be cured. ???? Please help a brother out.

From Confused Brother, Accra.

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Written by Abena Magis

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