She Says I’m Rather Pushing Her Away


Happy New year to you and all Manofans. I want an advice because i just do not know what to do. I’m seriously in love with my lady but she’s saying my actions are driving her away.

I met her in 2017 in a shop I used to buy stuffs from but was not able to approach her. Her Aunty was my friend so through her I got her contact. I checked up on her but her reception was on and off. Sometimes she will flow with mr sometimes too she will not so I didn’t bother myself but rather kept the friendship till the time we get to know ourselves well.

In December 2020 I watched her status on whatsapp, commented and that was when we started flowing well. We talked about relationship, school and marriage. She told me what she is expecting I mean, we all shared how we want our partners to treat us. We even exchanged pictures, had some video calls and it was fun. I asked her to be my boo whiles we were chatting on whatsapp but she told me she is not gonna accept till we meet because just as I proposed on WhatsApp, I could do the same thing and break up with her. I was hopeful that everything was gonna be fine with us because everything was going on well.

We finally met and had fun. We teased each other, laughed together ad finally I asked her to be my boo. She said cool but she wanted us to keep the friendship because she ain’t going anywhere so I should relax. She asked if I would prefer chaste relationship and I said cool because I wasn’t in for sex but something good as I made my intentions known to her.

But the problem is she has already been in a bad relationships and due to that she is on and off with me. After our meeting, I thought all was well but I don’t know where I went wrong. She went off again. Her brother is my schoolmate so I called him and spoke to him about the situation for him to speak to her for me.

Now matter come worsen up koraaa because she’s refusing to even talk to me or even reply my messages for the past two days. Just this morning she sent me a text saying what I’m doing is rather pushing her away from me.

I want to find out if it’s wrong to have involved her brother into this. I don’t know where I went wrong. She is totally off with me and it’s really breaking my heart. I just can’t handle it because I love her so much. She is just scared I might dump her later but I’ve been trying to let her know that I’m not in for sex or anything.

I really mean business with her and wanna grow with her, have a family with her. It ain’t about sex or anything. I can just wait for her to be ok. I just don’t mind. She can trust me on anything because we still have good guys out there and that’s what I want.

She seems not to get me because of the things that happened in her past relationship. I keep texting her if I ever did anything to cause all these then I’m really sorry because I just don’t understand why she is on and off with me. What should I do?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. What she needs is a bit of time and space. Things are probably moving too fast for her. She is also probably not very sure about you yet. Besides, she may be attached to someone and working to free herself from that first.
    You need to give her space. She will come around once she is really ready. By involving her brother, it will appear you are desperate.

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